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Having been a self employed Architectural Designer in Orewa since 1985 and preparing plans for more than 2500 projects, my focus these days is more about helping my customers achieve their dreams and passing on my skills to the next generation.

We have a great team environment in our office where everyone is responsible for making sure our customers expectations are met. As I have always said, our best advertising is our last job.


Meet the team.

Kerry Sinclair (NZCAD)


Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) Design, Kerry has over 25 years of architectural drafting and design experience during which he has been involved in a wide range of residential and light commercial projects.

Kerry has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the N.Z. Building Code, Auckland Unitary Plan, and modern building methods.

The last four years Kerry has been focusing on terraced housing and residential apartments.

Kerry has fostered positive and respectful relationships with clients, builders, council staff, engineers and surveyors across Auckland, based on good communication and integrity.

Jonathan Leech


I’m originally from the UK but I have been living in NZ for a number of years now and am happy to say that I have worked on a number of very interesting projects during my career.

From multi million dollar standalone homes, stone barn conversions, multi storey apartment building, Hotels, schools, offices and even a Bible translations centre, yet I can honestly say that I am just as happy working on additions & alterations or simply obtaining a certificate of completion/acceptance.

I truly do believe that Variety is the spice of life.

Paloma Indo Martinez


I am an Architectural Graduate with the aim of one day being able to create dynamic spaces through the use of the art called architecture. My current architectural experiences have touched base with commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.

Learning is an ongoing journey and I am surrounded by a great team who have obtained a broad range of technical knowledge and different design styles.

Although it is still early in my career, one day I will become a registered Architect that will try her best to make client dreams become unique realities.

Mansoor Masud


I am an Architectural graduate and have been a member of the BC Design team since graduating in 2017. My previous experience includes residential projects in both Auckland and Christchurch as well as a touch of interior design work.

I really enjoy following the architectural process and seeing the realization of ideas into their built forms. I am working towards becoming a registered architect.

Dylan Patel


I am a recent architectural graduate and the newest designer to come on board the team.

With a background in both commercial and residential construction, I have been involved with the practical aspect of architecture from a young age. From working on site, I have experience in various trades and particularly in carpentry, and have an overall understanding of onsite management and procedures.

I am passionate about creating sustainable, well-built spatial environments that are passive and carbon neutral.